The Power of Partnerships

Global partnerships combine expertise, resources, opportunities, and insider-outsider knowledge to achieve mutual goals.

But only if you have the right partners.

How do you know a potential partner is the right choice?

What will it be like working with your potential partner?
Will they be responsive? Will you be responsive?
Will you both contribute?

Cooperative Capacity Partners increases power sharing, cooperation, and performance in global partnerships so that organizations and countries can take charge of their own development.
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Measure Cooperative Capacity

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How important is this partnership to you?

Partners can bring benefits but also risk. If the partnership struggles it can cost time, money, and reputation.

Avoid partnering with the wrong organizations

Regardless of what an organization has to offer, if they are not compatible with your mission and values, they will cost you

Choose the right partner

Respect each partners' vision, mission, and autonomy. Work well together and be organizationally compatible.

Work smoothly with partners

Define realistic organizational expectations and methods of working together to get the most out of the partnership.

Build partnership capacity

Create partnership capacity building actions based on the current capacities of the partners and improve collaboration and goal achievement.

Building power sharing, cooperation, and performance

Cooperative Capacity Partners created a Partnership Assessment Tool that helps all types of partnerships choose the best partners, improve the way the partners work together and build the efficiency and capacity of the partnership. How?

Try Our Partnership Assessment Tool for Free

You can use this tool on your own or Cooperative Capacity Partners can serve as your guide and consultant at any phase of assessing and working with partners. Contact us for two hours of free consulting.

Our Services

Partners helping partners

Cooperative Capacity Partners help global partnerships increase cooperation and performance. Our team has seen first-hand how partnerships often fail to achieve the promise of performance, inclusion, and sustained service delivery or when stronger partners dominate smaller partners.

We have helped organizations avoid those problems and improve their collaboration for greater results.

About Us

The approach you introduced is very good. You helped us turn around and manage a chaotic project, with different languages, cultures, and politics, full of competing agendas all at play at once. I thank you.

Hanafi Guciano, PhDCoordinator, Indonesia-Australia Forest Carbon Partnership, Jakarta, Indonesia

If I had had (CCP’s Senior Advisor) Eric’s help during Katrina, I believe I would still be the head of FEMA.

Michael BrownFormer Director of the United States Federal Emergency Management Association

I think people did not believe how bad things were and needed to be shocked into getting it, which you helped us do in a blunt and humorous way. You outlined the predictable changes that would take place as we started to move to a functional state.

Amanda WhyteFacility Manager, Indonesia-Australia Forest Carbon Partnership in Jakarta, Indonesia

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