Cooperative Capacity Ecosystem

Our Growing Ecosystem is Made Up Of:

01. CCP-Certified Assessors

Provide custom guidebooks that lay out clear goals and sequenced actions clients can implement to improve the strength and performance of both their own organization and their external partnerships.

02. CCP-Certified Catalysts

Help clients, when requested, implement the actions and achieve the goals detailed in the custom guidebook.

03. CCP’s Capacity Builders

Help our clients integrate the CCP framework into their standard management practices so they themselves can monitor the quality of their own organization and partnerships and continuously improve performance with minimum outside assistance.

04. CCP’s Trainers

Impart the processes and skills necessary for CCP’s clients, Assessors, and Catalysts to use the CCP framework in their organizations, programs, or consulting practices to assess and build partner and partnership performance.

05. A Web-Based Interactive Community

Shares learnings and experience to hone the framework and build a store of practical guidance for using the framework to assess and build cooperative capacity and performance.

Interested in Joining Our Ecosystem?