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The genesis of CCP goes back to 1995, when Eric Wolterstorff encountered a description in the psychoanalytic tradition of how, after a war or natural disaster, societies fragment and begin infighting. From this, Dr. Wolterstorff defined a testable model and related interventions. Since then, Dr. Wolterstorff and colleagues have been testing the models and interventions in the field with individuals, family groups, organizations, and societies.

Dr. Wolterstorff first applied the models, which are based on how humans respond to traumas, to individuals and families. He and his students established Trauma Dynamics, which continues to research and teach protocols for helping traumatized individuals and families.

Through the Years


Dr. Wolterstorff established the precursor of CCP, The Wolterstorff Group (TWG), which applied the models and interventions to businesses, non-profits, and international programs. TWG has worked with hospitals, universities, and businesses facing crises, including organizations in New Orleans disrupted by Hurricanes Katrina. By 2007, TWG had refined the models and protocols into a straightforward organization development model that was accurate, able to be applied rapidly, and able to identify the most effective short- and long-terms interventions for improving organizational performance.


Beginning in 2008, Dr. Wolterstorff extended TWG’s efforts to focus on developing the models and protocols to work at national and societal levels. A separate consulting firm, Sovereignty First, was launched in 2013 to implement and test these applications.


In 2011, a long-time member of the development community heard Dr. Wolterstorff speak, and convinced him that the organizational models developed by TWG were extremely applicable to development agencies and projects. He followed her advice, and, with Frank Page, worked on a major contract with AusAID in Indonesia for most of 2012. In 2013, TWG became the Collaborative Capacity Partners (CCP).


In 2013, the businesses based on Dr. Wolterstorff’s models and protocols were reformed. TWG became Shifting Cultures, an umbrella for the three collaborating organizations using and developing Dr. Wolterstorff’s models: Trauma Dynamics for individuals and families, Collaborative Capacity Partners (CCP) for organizations, and Sovereignty First (SF) for nations and societies.

CCP is dedicated to providing global actors with metrics, a map of specific interventions, and guidance for developing partnership and programmatic capacity for achieving enhanced collaboration and sustainable results.

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