Cooperative Capacity Partner

Frank Page

Frank Page has over 25 years of international development experience in Africa and Asia.

For almost 20 years in Southeast Asia, as an independent consultant, Mr. Page has worked with donor projects and NGOs conducting organizational assessments, project evaluations, strategic planning, and staff training in community engagement and organization capacity building.

Mr. Page has Master Degrees in International Agricultural Development and Organization Development.

Cooperative Capacity Partner

Eric Wolterstorff

Eric Wolterstorff is an expert in collective trauma, and helping leaders to manage complex, stressful, environments.

He has spent over 25 years helping individuals, teams, and businesses manage crises and achieve results. CCP’s metrics and analysis are based on Dr. Wolterstorff’s academic and practical work.

He has worked in Indonesia, post-Katrina New Orleans, Germany, and North Africa, and is the founder and CEO of Sovereignty First.


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