Pre-Partnership Assessment

What we can help you achieve

Our collaborative assessment provides you with a guidebook that presents clear criteria and information to help you decide if the proposed partnership is a good organizational fit for you and, as an add on if you decide to move forward with the partnership, simple action steps for maximizing the performance of the proposed partnership.

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Estimate the potential level of collaboration of the partnership, including:

  • The ability of each partner to share decision making
  • The ability of each partner to delegate and share responsibility
  • The likely direction and flow of information within the partnership
  • The implications the power differential between the partners

Estimate how each partners ability to cooperate will affect the level of collaboration and performance of the proposed partnership.

Understand how each of the partner organizations makes decisions.

Understand how information flows within each of the partner organizations.


Work with us to:

Conduct a rapid, initial assessment of up to five potential partners and partnerships. A screening assessment will help you shorten your list of potential partners so you can focus your in-depth assessments on the most viable.


Join us in:

Doing a moreĀ  in-depth, collaborative assessment of your short-listed partners and potential partnerships. A ‘decision’ assessment will help you choose your partner and help you set up the best realistic management systems for the partnership.


Partner with us to:

Learn the basic theory behind the tools and use them to build your and your partner’s capacity to collaborate and perform. The ‘build’ assessment will help you create a strategy to build an effective partnership, a list of actions to improve the performance of your partnership, and a framework to monitor and evaluate the management capacity of the partnership.


Arrange or join us to:

Learn the basic theory behind the tools and how to apply them to plan, guide, and monitor partnerships. Through our trainings you can become a certified CCP assessor.

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