Organizational Assessment

Good for Annual Retreats, Evaluations, Capacity Building Programs, and Addressing Management Issues

Determine your organization’s capacity to cooperate and perform by assessing its implementation of a set of core design principles, including:

Defining boundaries and purpose
Building stakeholder relations
Self managing and the ability to self organize
Creating fairness
Inclusive decision making
Monitoring performance
Graduating sanctions
Resolving conflict fairly and quickly
Adapting and learning

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Partnership Assessment

Good for Annual Retreats, Evaluations, Partnership Building Programs, and Addressing Partnership Issues

Estimate the potential level of collaboration of the partnership, including:

  • The ability of each partner to share decision making
  • The ability of each partner to delegate and share responsibility
  • The likely direction and flow of information within the partnership
  • The implications the power differential between the partners

Estimate how each partner’s ability to cooperate will affect the level of collaboration and performance of the proposed partnership.

Understand how each of the partner organizations makes decisions.

Understand how information flows within each of the partner organizations.

Organizational Assessment

Work with us to:

Conduct a rapid organizational assessment that provides a guidebook that lays out management improvement actions into the sequence that will most efficiently improve organizational effectiveness.

By focusing capacity building actions to only moving to the next higher level of performance, the CC framework ensures improved performance while reducing the risk of wasting time and money.

Partnership Assessment

Join us in:

Creating organizational and partnership assessments that provide a guidebook that lays out strategies and actions to maximize and the performance of your partnerships.

Our assessments include assessing the ability of each organization to partner and the partnership itself. This provides a prediction of the potential performance of partnership along with actions to improve the partnership’s performance.

Partnership Systems Analysis

Partner with us to:

Create a partnership and stakeholder system map for your organization or project to identify risks in the system that affect your performance, sustainability, and scalability. Develop strategies and plans to mitigate those risks.

This is good for project planning, project growth, building sustainability and scalability, and addressing performance issues.


Arrange or join us to:

Learn the basic theory behind the tools and how to apply them to plan, guide, and monitor partnerships. Through our trainings you can become a certified CCP assessor.

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